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DSLRs or mirrorless? Which camera to choose?

DSLRs or mirrorless

It cannot be denied that mirrorless cameras are actively filling the market. Nevertheless, I believe that DSLRs will not go anywhere. They will remain niche products for reportage photographers.

You know, when I speak somewhere on the Internet about DSLRs in professional work, and they answer me: “you would have filmed on film again,” it makes me laugh. And this is said by people who have no real experience, but after listening to marketers of such brands as Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus... Without knowledge of the case, people echo marketers about the inevitable extinction of SLR cameras.

DSLRs or mirrorless

Now you can find tons of branded articles where they will grind the same nonsense that mirrorless is the only future of photography. Yes, these are interesting devices and they are rightfully becoming more and more popular. But this does not mean the end of the era of SLR cameras.

The rhetoric of the brands that produce both types of devices is significantly different. Nikon, Canon or Pentax will never tell you about the extinction of DSLRs. Because they provide a choice of what type of camera to buy. The first four companies have no alternatives to mirrorless cameras, so they broadcast that only their products are the most ...

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