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Where to repair cameras / lenses in Kiev?

Sooner or later, all photographers are faced with the need repair your equipment.

The reasons for the breakdown are most often of a mechanical nature. Drop the lens on the floor at least once, as most likely it will need repairs. Do not drop your lenses as this is fraught with danger. An exception - manual optics... There, construction is easier and falls often pass without a trace. But for autofocus lenses, any falls are a disaster.

However, the optics can break without falling. Certain Canon EF lenses are prone to aperture plume breakage. For some, the focusing motor may fail over time. The list of breakdowns is actually long. What is the trouble, often such problems arise after the warranty period or are not subject to warranty service (if the breakdown occurred due to your fault). In such cases, you need to seek qualified help.

In the course of my work, I came across various repairs of photographic equipment and this experience was often negative. You can have the lens repaired so that after the repair it will be less sharp than BEFORE the intervention of the "masters". It will be difficult to prove something later. It was such that the service of a large retail chain could not diagnose a camera error. That is, in fact, they threw up their hands and said that there was no problem. It was different in general. The conclusion that I have come to is that everything here is very dependent on the human factor. Whoever you come across will be the same with the repair. I am writing this article to recommend two masters about whom I have a very positive opinion. They really helped me for adequate money. We are talking about Kiev. I understand that this site is read from all over the world, so I clarify - lens / camera repairman from Kiev.

By the way, I have an interview with a photo technician repairman:

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