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Services that are sometimes requested but NOT provided on this site:

  • rental of dresses, suits, props for photo shoots
  • photo equipment rental (the lenses, cameras, etc.)
  • registration of wedding ceremonies /registry office services
  • provision of premises for photography (services photo studios)
  • printing photos by piece
  • passport / ID photo

And some lyrics ...

Taking photographs means in the same moment, in the slightest fraction of a second, to acknowledge the fact and the strict organization of the seen forms that express this fact. This is to put the head, eye and heart on the same line of sight. Henri-Cartier Bresson

What is photography? Word photo comes from ancient Greek words φωτός (light) and γράφω (write)... In Russian it turns out light painting - technique of drawing with light - obtaining and saving an image using a camera. Previously, artists painted pictures to capture reality, then the first analog cameras appeared, and today it is the time of digital photography. Moreover, photography, like painting, never ceases to be art. If you looking for a photographer and need professional quality photos, shooting from Olegas photo for you.

Photography services in Kiev include various directions, but I specialize in interior photography and photography of real estate in Kiev.