What you need to know about a wedding? FAQ

Wedding - a picturesque ceremony filled with spiritual meaning. On high-quality photos you can feel its atmosphere and spirit. But before taking a photo, you need to attend to the organization and preparation of the ceremony.

How to prepare for the wedding?

The preparation for the wedding first of all takes place on a spiritual level. This implies that the couple needs to pray, confess, receive communion and observe a three-day fast before the wedding.
Registration for the ceremony is carried out in advance (the same as the order of the photographer). This is done a few weeks before the ordinance is performed.

Choosing a church

To choose the church that suits you, you need to visit various temples and feel in which of them you will be most comfortable. Also, to facilitate the selection, this site has article with a list of Kiev churches with examples of photos and videos.

Since the priest is the key person conducting the ceremony, you need to talk to him in advance and clarify all the nuances. In particular, what you need to take with you, how to dress, is it allowed to take photos and videos during the ceremony (usually there are no problems with this, but you must definitely ask the priest).

How much does a wedding cost in Kiev?

Wedding - the ceremony is usually paid. Its cost in Kiev churches varies from 100 to 400 UAH. Some churches set the exact cost, while others accept payment in the form of voluntary donations. You need to clarify this question with the priest. In addition, additional services such as church choir, bell ringing, etc. are available.

photo of the wedding in Kiev

When is it allowed to get married?

It is allowed to get married on the day of official registration of marriage, or after it. Some couples postpone the wedding until the baby is born, which is also not prohibited.

The ceremony is not held every day. This is possible 4 days a week on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, there are 4 fasts during which church marriages are not concluded:

  • Rozhdestvensky, November 28 - January 6;
  • Great, seven weeks before Orthodox Easter;
  • Petrov, depending on the date of Easter, lasts from 8 to 42 days;
  • Uspensky, lasts August 14 - 27.

The church also refuses to hold a wedding on such days:

  • on Shrovetide;
  • for Bright week (week after Easter);
  • January 7-19 - Christmastide;
  • September 11 - Beheading of John the Baptist;
  • September 27 - Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord.

How to dress for a wedding?

Clothing should be modest, neat and at the same time festive, not ordinary.

The bride's dress should be below the knee, cover the shoulders and not have large cutouts. It is allowed to use capes and / or gloves. It is advisable to give preference to outfits in light colors. The bride's head must be covered.

A formal suit will suit the groom for the wedding. There are no restrictions on the color of the suit.
All those present at the wedding ceremony must have worn crosses.

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Selection of witnesses

Witnesses are chosen from close people. The requirements for them are as follows: they must be baptized and must not be married.

In an extreme case, if no suitable applicants were found, it is allowed to conduct the ceremony without them.

What things are required for the ceremony?

For the sacrament of the wedding you need:

  • rings that are given to the priest at the very beginning for consecration;
  • a white towel on which the couple will stand during the ceremony;
  • wedding icons with images of Christ and the Mother of God;
  • wedding candles;
  • two handkerchiefs for holding candles.

How long does the ceremony last?

The duration of the ceremony is on average 30-40 minutes. Much depends on the temple and the priest who conducts the ceremony. The presence of a choir also affects the duration (highly recommended).

What about wedding photos and videos?

The memory of this event should be preserved not only in the memory of its participants, but also reach their children and grandchildren. Therefore, the atmosphere of the sacrament of the wedding should be captured in the best possible way. On this site you can order high-quality photo и video for the wedding ceremony.