Where to download Log for Canon R/R6/R5 and how to color it?

In order to get a finished and beautiful video shot in the Canon C-Log profile, you need to download and apply a file with LUT tables in a video editor. Simply put, it's called color Log.

The problem with the loot file for Canon cameras is that it's not clearly located. It is downloaded from the official Canon website, but I could not find this file on the Russian site. There is great description of what Log is, but not the loot file itself.

In order to find the LUT file for Canon-Log, you need to type in the search engine "canon r lut table«.

canon log lut

I found a suitable file on the Canon Canada website:

Here is the link

When you unpack the archive, there will be many folders and files. To simplify, in the screenshot below, I highlighted the path to the most standard Lut file in Canon R/R6/R5 cameras:suitable log file loot canon

There are three options for 3D LUTs: 17 cells, 33 cells and 65 cells. They differ in accuracy of painting. The more - the more accurate, but the more the file weighs. For example, on-camera monitors usually do not support 65 cell Lut files. And when using Loot for 17 cells, banding is possible (but not always). Universal option - loot for 33 cells (Grid).

Also Log files depend on the color space. For Canon cameras, this is BT709 by default, although in R5 you can switch to BT2020. When you overlay a Lut file, it must match the setting in the camera for this parameter.

That's not all

After you apply the LUT to your video in the editor (I won't dwell on this), you will need to add saturation and possibly contrast. This must already be done for taste and color. After this, the video in the C-Log profile will definitely be ready.

And further…

I described the scheme of how to paint with canonical loot - that is, from the manufacturer's website. There are also plenty of places on the internet where you can download custom loot. You can also make your own loots, for this you need a program such as 3D Lut Creator.

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shutter speed on canon cameras

How to find out the mileage of a Canon camera?

There are several ways to determine the mileage of a Canon camera. But not all of them work depending on the specific camera model. Many services only support old DSLRs, but do not work with mirrorless ones. Therefore, you need to try everything yourself.

Online services

shutter speed on canon cameras

Such as camerashuttercount.com, freeshuttercount.com, eoscount.com and others.

They work like this: you upload any photo from your camera to this site and it immediately writes you the total number of shutter releases of your camera.

The downside is that, as mentioned above, new camera models are often not defined there. So let's move on.

EosMsg Program

eosmsg program

An effective utility that shows the mileage of the camera.

You need to download this mini-program, connect the camera via USB to the computer, open the program and it should show the mileage. But there are nuances.

For newer cameras, you need to download newer versions of the program.

For example, EosMsg version 4.5 only supports older Canon 5D Mark II, 1D IV, Canon 450D, Canon 500D, Canon 7D, etc. models.

There is a version of EosMsg Mirrorless designed for mirrorless cameras. She must support Canon EOS, Canon EOSRP, Canon EOS R5/R6. Canon EOS M3/M5/M6/M10/M100/M200, Canon EOS M50/M50II, Canon 250D/200D II / Canon EOS 90D / 850D, Canon EOS M6 Mark II.

The latest versions of the EosMsg program have become paid. The cost is symbolic: about 5 dollars. I personally had to pay, because. before selling the Canon R, I needed to know its mileage. Everything else didn't work.

EOSInfo program

eosinfo software

Another program for determining the mileage of Canon cameras. The principle of operation is the same as the previous one. It does not work with all cameras, depending on the version of the program and the camera model.

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There is no single absolutely working way. It often takes some time to find the right version of the program for your camera on the Internet.

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photo bags

How to choose a photo bag?

I will share my thoughts on the topic of photo bags. I had bags of different brands (Manfrotto, Loewepro, Arsenal, noname) and various sizes. I think the best option is to go to a photo store with your equipment and pick up a bag there specifically for your tasks. I used to do that.

Proper selection of photography

First you need to decide exactly what set of equipment you will carry with you.

For a working photo bag I have this:

For a travel photo bag, I have this:

  • mirrorless crop camera
  • 2-3 lenses
  • accumulators
  • Polarist

My approach is that the size of the bag should be optimal. Your set of equipment should fit in the bag personally, but it should not be empty. Therefore, to select the optimal model, as well as with clothes, it is better to go and try on a thing for yourself.

Photo bag VS photo backpack

photo bag or backpack

The solution is ambiguous. It depends on what you want to do with your equipment. If you want to go long and far with a weighty set of equipment, then a photo backpack will be more convenient. The backpack evenly distributes the weight on the shoulders, so if you carry something heavy for a long time, of course the backpack is more comfortable. But getting equipment out of a backpack is not at all as convenient as from a bag that is always at hand.

My logic is this - if I take a camera with me, it means that I will use it, and not just wear it. That's why I prefer photo bags. And if I have to walk around with equipment for a long time, then instead of carrying a heavy backpack with a heavy camera and lenses, I prefer to take a compact bag with a light set of equipment. For this reason, for traveling to me personally crop mirrorless impress more.

Photo backpack I also have it, I store lenses in it and generally do not take it out of the house.

So which bag should you choose?

Recently I broke my principle and I ordered a photo bag from AliExpress.

photo bag for camera and lenses

Before settling on this particular model, I looked at a lot of other options. A common problem is that most bags are too small to fit my #1 set.

This bag I ordered with a share of risk, because. did not know what it would be in reality. The mention of the size in centimeters in the description helped to decide. I chose the largest possible size ... and did not lose.

In my video review, I showed the real capacity of an inexpensive photo bag with aliexpress. The quality of the materials is quite normal. Cons: The zipper doesn't work as smoothly as on my previous Manfrotto bag. Nevertheless, I was generally satisfied and can recommend this model to others.

Other goodies from AliExpress