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Is it worth it to change the old camera to a new one?

how to choose a camera

Before you another article on the topic how to choose a camera.

So, let's open the question from the title. As a rule, a camera upgrade means replacing:

What depresses me in this matter is the lack of any clarifications. If the question sounds exactly like this, without additions, “Should I change my old camera for a new one?”, then in general it doesn’t matter at all.

You can change, you can not change - it will not change anything. The problem is that people blame failures on their technique, not their skills.

What do newer models of cameras give?

  • In terms of photography, new cameras will not make pictures fundamentally more beautiful / better.
  • In terms of video, they will give more resolution, autofocus and better dynamic range. It will be eye-catching.

In terms of just pressing a button and expecting results, the new cameras will produce better quality video, but almost exactly the same photos as old camera models.
If you aim for a quality result, then you need to upgrade your shooting skills first of all.

Buy and not think - the motto of our time

People often don't understand how a camera works, when to use light, when to use high-aperture optics. Instead of sorting out the issue, it is much easier for them to spend money on a new camera and expect a fundamentally different result. But he won't.

Can you shoot with the old one?

I am not saying that it is necessary to shoot for junk, tk. technique is not important. Not at all. If you are into photography/videography, using the new technique is much more enjoyable than the old one. Just don't confuse results with ease of use.

The essence of the upgrade is to make it easier and more convenient to shoot and that's it. Although this does not apply new cameras from Sony. The difference in technical parameters does not have such a critical result as many people think.

Regarding the quality of shooting, when I draw parallels between new and old cameras, I mentally compare cameras of the same price segment and with the same sensor size. It would be foolish to say that the camera on micre 4/3 shoots just like full frame.

Another thing is, some people believe in progress so strongly that they think that the new crop can be better or at least the same as the old full frame. It is nonsense. Full-frame cameras give a different color reproduction and display volume in a different way. The new mirrorless crop will have better autofocus, maybe even less noise at high ISOs, but it won't be a full frame. Even if you attach stupid speedbooster.

At the same time, and full frame not required to buy. Especially in the hope that the pictures will get better. It's not the salt.


The article turned out to be quite skeptical and nihilistic. What is the truth? The truth is that it is necessary to set specific tasks, for which the technique will be used. The tasks “I want to shoot children, nature, landscapes, the sea, portraits” can be performed by any camera ... and any phone already. The task of “I want to shoot” a video is performed by any modern camera. “I want to take beautiful pictures” - absolutely any camera will do.

For a competent choice of a particular model, you also need to correctly raise the question and accurately understand your goals. If the question is not accurate, then you can take anything. It won't affect anything.

Also I can order a consultation on the choice of technology.