How to choose entrance doors?

door entrance photoToday, front doors are made from wood, metal and plastic. Wooden models that are installed in new homes are actually hollow and cannot serve as a reliable protection for housing. Models made from solid hardwood are very expensive. Plastic entrance doors are usually installed in offices or shops and are not used to protect the apartment from penetration. Often entrance doors Kyiv for residential premises are made of metal.

Entrance metal doors are manufactured in a wide range and have different designs. The simplest and cheapest option is an overlay door. Her canvas consists of two welded metal sheets. In another version, the outer part is made of iron sheet, and the inner part is made of wooden planks or other materials. The frame is welded from a metal corner or a rectangular profile, the simplest lock and hinges are used. A layer of paint is applied to the surface of the canvas and a sealant is placed.

  • Pros: cheapness, production according to individual sizes, the ability to leave the old door as a second one.
  • Cons: poor insulation, uninteresting design, difficulty opening and closing, lack of adjustment, low degree of protection.

entrance doorsAs a second option, consider steel doorsmanufactured in the factory according to standard sizes. In the production of canvas and frame, stamping and spot welding are used. The hinges can be hidden inside the frame, additional crossbars are installed on the canvas, modern locks are used. The outer surface of the canvas is processed using paint, plastic or powder spraying.

  • Pros: mass-produced products have a relatively low price, the presence of several sealing circuits, the ability to adjust, a higher degree of protection, a wide range of models.
  • Cons: fitting a specific opening to the size of a standard box, forced disposal of the second door.

Expensive iron doors are made to order. At the same time, you can choose not only the material, but also express your wishes regarding the design, number of locks, thickness, height of the threshold, and much more.

  • Pros: high degree of protection, original design, exact compliance with specific dimensions.
  • Cons: high price.

Thus, a large number of entrance doors are presented on the modern market. When making a choice, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the degree of protection that this or that model can provide.

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youtube monetization

11 ways to make money on a YouTube channel

Before I move on to describing possible sources of income on YouTube, I want to warn against a common misconception. Often people look at YouTube with greedy lust and expect that tons of dough will pour from there. It is enough to file n-number of videos, set up monetization and you're done. If that Vasya Pupkin over there earns 100500 thousand money on YouTube, then I can too. This is a big misconception.

For YouTube, CONTENT comes first. You must burn with what you do and what you talk about. You must be passionate about this topic, while being interesting to the audience, posting quality content regularly and working hard.

Below I will describe the main mechanics of how you can make money on Youtube. But remember, first of all - high-quality content and an interested audience. The essence of YouTube monetization is to convert your popularity into income. So I repeat: before it works, you need to become really popular and interesting for your subscribers.

1. Income from views - monetization of YouTube videos

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when mentioning the income from the YouTube channel is money for watching videos. This is the most simple, banal and in plain sight.

Channel monetization can be enabled upon reaching 1000 subscribers. Then you can get a pretty penny for the ads that YouTube shows before/during your videos.

For the advertiser, there are the following options for advertisements:

  • In-Stream Skipable/Non-skippable
  • Video ads in feed
  • Splash Ads
  • out-stream
  • Masthead

For a blogger, it doesn't matter. You check the boxenable monetization”And it monetizes itself, and you are waiting for the dripping loot. But the real loot will be if the views of your videos go to hundreds of thousands and millions.

At the same time, videos should be released regularly. That is, if you see a channel where there is 1 millionaire video, or several hundred thousandth videos, this does not mean that the author makes good money on this. Now, if such videos come out once a week, then yes.

In general, a good income on views is possible in popular topics. If you are talking about something specialized like Photo, then no matter how you hit the wall, monetization on views will be modest. You need to understand the capacity of the audience in a particular niche and whether it is possible in principle to regularly gain a lot of views in this topic.

A very average income per view is around $1/1000 views. It depends on the average length of your videos, the subject of the video, the geography of views and many other factors, so the figure is very approximate.

2. Referral links.

It is also a popular way to make money on YouTube. And it also depends heavily on the number of views. The more people go through your links and buy something, the more percentage of sales you get. The cost and popularity of the products you link to also play a role. For more information on how it works and where to register, I described in this article.

You can link to Aliexpress or other stores. You can also receive a percentage of referral advertising for someone else's courses or services.

3. Advertising integrations

Another popular way to make money. It looks like this: the advertiser directly addresses you and says - I have a product / service and I want you to mention it in your video. The blogger names his price (the specific cost depends on the popularity of the channel and the self-esteem of the blogger) and talks about some product in his video. Such integrations are usually placed at the beginning of the video and they last 30 seconds or a minute and a half.

In fact, this is direct advertising. But some bloggers are creative with such mentions, so that it looks organic and does not strain the viewers.

4. Product Reviews

There are many channels that specialize in reviews of various things. Manufacturers are naturally interested in talking about their products. Therefore, they find bloggers (or bloggers find manufacturers), discuss the details, and as a result, the blogger gets a freebie product sample for review. That is, his work is paid for by the goods themselves. The coolness and cost of goods depends on the popularity of the channel.

At the same time, how to talk about a product - bad or good - depends on the conscience and moral qualities of the blogger. Usually people praise what they got for free - we all know the story about sweet vinegar. But not all and not always.

5. Paid Review

A fully paid review - something that people on YouTube are so afraid of - is actually a rarity. That is, a video that a blogger writes not voluntarily, but for a certain amount of money. At the same time, he will say what the advertiser wants and sell anything to the audience simply because he was paid for it. It is clear that there are precedents, but this is rather an exception.

This scheme does not work well. Why? For many bloggers, their reputation is more valuable than a one-time handout for a review. Yes, and organic advertising works much better and smart advertisers understand this. That is, if the product is good, the blogger will sincerely praise him and he will not need to pay extra for it. If the product is bad, then the audience will find out about it sooner or later, and a paid review will not help.

Could be adequate paid review option - if the product is good and needs additional advertising. Then the blogger is paid for a separate honest review, without setting requirements and rigid frameworks. In fact, this is the same integration, but in the form of a separate full-fledged video.

6. Selling your own information products — courses, books, lectures, webinars

This is where we enter infogypsy territory. As a rule, in most cases, air is sold to people in beautiful packaging. In this case, the entire channel will be devoted to some popular and burning topic, like “how to make a lot of money quickly and easily?” or “How easy is it to meet girls?” etc. The mechanics is simple - the problem is outlined and its solution is created - the purchase of an information product.

There are also good examples when some adequate training program is advertised. But most often people are offered to buy the same information that can be found on the Internet on their own.

7. Streaming and donations

Streaming income is a separate area. Here you need to get in line. The essence of streaming is that a person communicates live with his audience, amuses it, answers questions, describes something. In the course of this many hours of action, everyone can send him money. Moreover, donating on streams has already become a tradition on many channels. If there is a stream, then you need to throw money over to that funny guy. It's not that bad. A person spends many hours of his time working as an interactive presenter, such work should be paid.

The question is: how good of a host are you? The experience of streaming is very different from the experience of editing reviews and other pre-prepared videos. A person who is good at streaming could also be a radio or at the wedding — the principle is similar. It is necessary to respond quickly to any questions, it is necessary to maintain a good mood of the audience for a long time; you need mobility, energy, a sense of humor, charm. This is public work in its purest form, an event for extroverts.

Stream topics can also be very different. Overall, I think streaming is the least predictable source of revenue for YouTube. Some people get it, some people don't.

8. Patreons and Paid Memberships

The essence of this type of income is that people subscribe. Every month, a certain number of people pay to subscribe to you. Moreover, people can subscribe to such a subscription both simply out of a desire to support you, and in order to gain access to separate paid content and become a little cooler than free subscribers. This feature can be activated both in YouTube itself and on the popular site

The main thing in this business is high-quality content and good relations with the audience.

9. Consultations

In this case, the blogger acts as an expert and mentor. He runs a channel, tells useful things, shares valuable information. At the same time, if people have detailed questions or need private training, the blogger conducts individual consultations.

There are channels that are completely built on the sales model of such consultations. I think it's appropriate and effective. Especially in comparison with the sale of pre-recorded courses, where it overflows from empty to empty. During the consultation, a person is given time to answer in detail exactly his individual question.

10. Promotion of personal off-line business (shop, services)

Here I think everything is clear. Example - you have your online shop and you make a channel where you talk about the products that you sell.

Often this looks rather bland and unnatural, because. people come to YouTube for sincerity and informal opinions. Shops, on the other hand, carefully lick their reviews, so it almost always looks fake and does not inspire confidence in the audience.

This promotion needs to be approached with a creative approach. For example, to hit below the belt. It's always effective.

11. Ambassadorship

There are channels run by brand ambassadors. Ambassador - in other words, a representative of the brand. This is a person who signs a contract for advertising support for a certain product. His brand supplies such products in abundance, sponsors travel and various events. A blogger praises such products.

Something similar to the previous version, but more sophisticated, because. ambassadors usually pretend to be such random people from the people who just fell in love with this brand and just talk about it in their own way. They broadcast not on behalf of the store / manufacturer, but on their own behalf. Some people believe it, some don't. But you need to understand that any ambassador signs a contract with a rather strict framework on what he can say / do and what he cannot. The sincerity of this event is, in fact, questionable.

At the end of

Often bloggers combine different types of channel monetization. By the way, many of the methods of earning described above apply not only to YouTube, but also to other social networks and information platforms.

In general, you should not focus solely on the mechanics of making a profit. In the first place - interesting quality content and good communication with the audience. When you have a fairly popular channel, you will figure out how to monetize it. In the meantime, it is not very popular, no monetization mechanics will be effective.

For more details about making money on YouTube, see my video:

Let me remind you again article about referral programs

What to do if you need to repair something in the apartment?

Every person in the world has his own corner where he lives. This rule does not apply to the category of people who take the hermit way of life as the norm. After all, this type of people does not belong to the normal category of the population, and they should not be equal. It is quite normal for a person to want to change his life for the better.

We all want coziness and comfort in our home. It follows from this that in order to realize such a simple human desire, sooner or later we have to think about repairing our living space. To simplify this task, or to patch up the apartment on trifles, it would be ideal house call master .

Some of us choose a cosmetic repair option, which is relatively inexpensive, and someone chooses a serious type of repair, which is called a major one. Someone needs to do some minor repairs. The plot is good anyway.

Due to such a common problem, many of us think about how to make this work cheaper. There are answers to this question. You can either make repairs with your own hands or order a master at home at an adequate price. The latter option will cost the owner of an apartment or house much cheaper than doing everything yourself. It should be borne in mind that on the global Internet there is a mass of literature and video materials that only confuse this difficult task.

The main thing is the desire to fix or repair something at home.

Quite often it happens that a person who expected to make a simple cosmetic repair begins to realize that this is a waste of time and money. The boards on the floor creak, the tiles fall off or need to be completely replaced, everything in the bathroom is moldy and corroded. But you don't have to be afraid of it. You should carefully consider all the flaws that exist in the room where it is planned to make repairs, and evaluate, objectively assess, its technical condition. If you need to make major repairs - you need to do it.

In the event that you do not have enough funds to carry out a certain set of major repairs, it is better not to start doing it. A more profitable option would be to raise a little finance, but to make the type of repair that is really required in the room.

The above advice only says that if you start doing a redecoration in a room that needs something more, you will simply waste your money, and as a result, you will return to this work very soon. But how much money could be spent on meaningless cosmetic repairs! And all in vain.

In order to avoid such situations, and you do not waste your money, time and nerves, use the services of professionals in Ukraine by calling (067) 440-18-12.