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Sell ​​lenses and other photo accessories

I am posting a list of things that I personally sell. Everything is in good working order. Sale is made ONLY in Ukraine through the delivery of OLX.

Most of the things were practically not used, because. they came to me for reviews.

Write to instagram.


Manual lens (no autofocus)

Meike RF 50mm f1.2

for Canon R/RP/R6/R5 cameras.

meike rf 50 f1.2meike rf 50 f1.2

Focal length 50mm. Maximum aperture f1.2.
Canon RF mount (NOT suitable for DSLRs).
Condition is new. Full set. Review here.

Price $ 250


Manual lens (no autofocus)

Laowa RF 14mm f4

for Canon R/RP/R6/R5 cameras.

laowa 14mm f4

It has high optical characteristics, very sharp and has no distortion.

Suitable for shooting interiors, landscapes and creative photography. Review here.

Price 650dol.


Manual medium format lens

Mamiya 80mm f2.8

The condition of the lens is very good used without flaws (which is rare for vintage 1970s optics).

Review here

The cost is 200 dollars.

Also, in addition to it, I sell an adapter Mamiya 645-Canon EF = 1000 UAH


Vizelex Rhinocam Medium Format Adapter

vizzelex rhinocam

This adapter allows you to take medium format photos with Mamiya 645 lenses on Fujifilm crop cameras (X-T3, X-T4, X-E3, X-E3, X-T20 and others).

Also, if desired, you can use Pentacon Six lenses, but for this you will need an Adapter Kiev 60 / Pentacon 6 - Mamiya 645. Not included.

The cost is 200 dollars.

Video review on youtube



Manual lens

Fujian 35mm f1.7 for Sony E-mount

The sharpness is weak, but the bokeh is a fairy tale. You can shoot macro. Suitable for Sony crop cameras.

Fujian 35mm f1.7

Condition is new.  Review here.

Price 800 UAH

Commlite AF adapter for Canon EF lenses on Sony E-mount

adapter for sony e mount canon ef lenses

Allows you to use Canon EF lenses on any Sony E-mount cameras.

Aperture control and autofocus work. In the photo, autofocus is quite acceptable. In the video, it is more likely not there than it is.

Price 1500 UAH


Shoulder support for video shooting

Allows you to shoot videos without shaking with any camera even without fabulous matrix stub.

Not heavy, easy to use. Helps when shooting concerts and other events where it is inconvenient to move around with a tripod/monopod.

Good condition, but some cosmetic wear.

shoulder rest for video

Cost 1500 UAH


AC adapter for Sony cameras

A dummy instead of a battery for connecting the camera to a power outlet (a plug instead of a battery). Worked properly without nuances, the camera has long been sold.

power adapter for sony cameras

Cost 500 UAH


Mechanical slider Hexaslider 100cm

Very strong and stable mechanical slider. The movement of the carriage is smooth and silent.

slider slider

The workmanship is very high. Solid solid metal. Holds up to any camera.

slider slider

Length 1 meter.

slider slider

100 $ Cost



Wireless radio microphone Mirfak WE10

1 transmitter, 1 receiver. Fully working condition, only used for review.

It works much better than the similar budget buttonhole Boya BY-WM6.

mirfak we 10 radio system

The set is complete, see the photo.

mirfak we 10 radio system

The only caveat - on the receiver (the one to hang on the camera), the mount popped up.

mirfak we 10 radio system

Cost 1500 UAH


There are also for sale:

  • drone remote control GoPro Karma
  • 2 different grips for Canon R6/R5.


If you're interested, write to me at instagram.