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Subject photography in Kiev

The portfolio can be viewed below.

Standard lead time: 1 week.




More examples of subject photos


What makes subject photography difficult?

  • Photo in multiple angles (1 angle = 1 photograph)
  • Several objects in one photo, compositions of objects
  • Correction of items with significant flaws (removing stains, scratches, folds on clothes, abrasions, dents, etc.)
  • Photo of complex objects (glare / sparkling / transparent objects, white / light objects on a white background)
  • Shooting, which is delayed for reasons depending on the client (surcharge for the photographer's working time)
  • Additional props (non-standard backgrounds, fabric drapery, etc.)
  • Ultra-high resolution shooting for printing and printing (up to 5760x3840 pixels)
  • Using mobile photography studio
  • Processing material in a short time

An example of a complex subject for shooting:

complex subject photo

Photography of clothes for the catalog of an online store (using a mobile photo studio):

Photographing fireproof and bulletproof glass (with an on-site photo studio):

Subject photography of shoes for the online store catalog:

Photographing of construction tools at the client's site:

Photos of shoes with processing:

Complex processing of subject photos with retouch:


For the convenience of the client, shooting can be carried out at the customer's site... We have all the necessary equipment for any items. The client is only required to provide the subject of photography and provide a place for work. Also possible subject photography in the studio.

Organization possible a mobile photo studio on the client's premisesif necessary. More detailed.

To order a professional subject photography in Kiev, you can contact me through contacts.

As for the cost of work (prices for subject shooting), you can always find a photographer cheaper on the Internet. You can find it inexpensively, cheaply, generally free. Shooting objects is a difficult job. Savings here always lead to a corresponding result. On the site you can order photos stock quality... This means advertising photos that can be successfully used in printing, printing, on the websites of online stores, for trading through Amazon, etc. And this quality fully justifies itself.

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