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Review of the fast fifty Meike RF 50mm f1.2

Meike RF 50mm f1.2 - Full-frame manual lens for Canon mirrorless cameras. Also available for mounts Sony E Mount, Nikon Z mount, Canon EF Mount.

Look, How much does it cost.

External Features

Externally, this is an all-metal well-assembled lens.

meike 50mm f1.2

The diaphragm ring has no physical divisions and rotates smoothly. Will like videographers... The focusing ring is also very smooth, but has a relatively short rotation travel of about 90 degrees.

meike 50mm f1.2

Filter diameter 67mm. The set comes with a plastic petal hood, which has little effect.

Sample photos on Meike 50mm f1.2:

Optical qualities

Meike 50mm f1.2 does not impress with sharpness. On open apertures, the image is frankly soft, which is why it is sometimes quite difficult to focus with your hands. Good sharpness is observed at f5.6-f10.

Curiously, at the minimum focusing distance (65cm), this lens is slightly ahead of Canon EF 50mm f1.2L for detail. But already from a distance of 2-3 meters, the native fifty-kopeck piece shows the best results at any aperture in any part of the frame. MDF 65cm is quite a lot for fifty dollars. This lens is inconvenient to shoot small objects.

The bokeh of the lens is very neutral with no characteristic pattern. On an open aperture, the bokeh is unpleasantly double. As soon as we close to f1.4, the double vision disappears. There are prominent onion rings inside the bokeh circles.

The lens has a rather low contrast. The color rendition goes into a cold shade relative to the native optics. Light transmittance (T-stop) slightly lower than the native EF 50mm f1.2L. At open apertures, there is severe vignetting, which makes all images rather dark without correction.

At f1.2, there are a lot of different aberrations. The most typical deviation is orange flare from side light sources. The hood doesn't help. You can cover the light source with your hand or close the aperture.

meike 50mm f1.2 photo sample


The lens is specific and not for everyone. In terms of optical properties, this is a complete failure. He is downright weak. But, as is often the case, disadvantages can turn into advantages. Optical jambs can be used for extraordinary artistic effects. The lens will appeal to those looking for something unusual for creative filming.

It is also worth not forgetting that native optics with similar parameters cost about 3 times more. This is where you get a full-frame super-fast lens for a relatively small price tag.

Meike RF 50mm f1.2 price on AliExpress

Video review of Meike 50mm f1.2:

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