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Where to order a photographer for a wedding in a church?

What is a wedding? This is a sacred church wedding ceremony that takes place in the presence of parents, relatives and friends of the newlyweds. Wedding photographs are usually more spectacular and picturesque photo in the registry office... Therefore, for the wedding, you definitely need to order a good photographer.


Where to order wedding photography in Kiev?

Wedding photography takes place in low light conditions, which requires the photographer to have expensive high-aperture optics and photographic equipment. Most churches prohibit the use of flashlights, which makes photography even more difficult. Churches are mostly lit by candlelight, which creates a spiritual, mysterious and beautiful atmosphere. With the right approach, this allows you to get gorgeous and unique wedding photos.

You can forget about amateur photography in such conditions. And not every photographer can cope with such a task and convey the entire wonderful atmosphere of this sacrament. Therefore, only a professional should be entrusted with responsible filming of the wedding ceremony.

On this site you can order a photo and video filming of the wedding... You will get professional quality images at the right price.

Как is the wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony takes place after the painting in Registry office... According to the modern rules of the Orthodox Church, the church recognizes a civil marriage, formalized in the registry office, as the starting point for creating a family. If there is a need to hold a wedding before registering at the registry office, this should be discussed with the priest individually.


  • Newlyweds can, at their discretion, choose a church and a priest for the wedding ceremony.
  • The duration of the ceremony is approximately 40 minutes to an hour of organizing the wedding day.
  • The cost of the ceremony depends on the specific church.

Kiev is a city with a rich history and a huge number of churches, cathedrals and temples. Our city stands at the origins of the Orthodox faith, which gives the wedding ceremony in Kiev a special sacredness. After all, it was in Kiev in 988 in the waters of the Dnieper that the baptism of Rus took place (hence the name of the main street of the city - Khreshchatyk). It is not without reason that many people travel from other cities to hold a wedding ceremony in Kiev.

An example of a video filming of a wedding: