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Curiosities in TFP ads

TFP capture very popular today. There are a lot of announcements on this topic, but different people mean different things by TFP.

It's nice when people have a sense of humor. The following, alas, was written in all seriousness.

only nude, only hardcore

It is not surprising why nowadays girls often write in ads: everything except "nude". Here are a few more gems:

  • I invite pretty girls 18+ to TFP (free-creative) photosets in Kiev for the genre: erotic portrait, in lingerie, topless, nude, fragmentary nude, psychological and genre portrait
  • Looking for a photographer with Schengen! Photoshoot in exchange for a trip (Cote d'Azur)
  • Professional make-up artist services from 50 UAH
  • Propagating photo session 1 year old 50 UAH (up to 500 photos).
  • hello people .. tfp photo shoot .. only well-groomed, beautiful, with a fucking figure .. 09675954 ... or in HP.
  • TFT or taxi payment.

I don't know what kind of TFP is there, but the ad is in the corresponding group:

dumb TPP ads

The perception of TFP photo shoots in humans is truly multifaceted. The following ads are more adequate, but nonetheless ...

inadequate TPP

stupid tfp

A bit of math.

mathematical TPP


Original application for free photo:

free photo

This and TFP cannot be called: