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How to pose for a photo shoot? Nuances.

We all want to look beautiful in photographs. One of the most important roles here is played by the posture that a person takes during photographing. In general terms, I wrote about posing in the following articles:

Here we will talk about the nuances. So:

1) Do not sit directly towards the photographer. We all have a passport photo. If you want to look beautiful, face the photographer about 45 degrees. This is called foreshortening three quarters.

2) Watch your hands. They should not hang limply along the body. The hands have to perform some function. You can hold something in your hands (the easiest way) - a handbag, a piece of clothing or other accessory. Hands can lean on something - a bench, chair, tree, wall, etc.

3) What to do with hair? You can play with them, correct them, throw them from side to side, wave your head, turn around sharply.

4) Take accessories with you to the photo session. It can be an umbrella, a book, a scarf, a scarf, gloves, a hat, a cape. This is what diversifies the photo session and in connection with which the question will disappear, and what to do with your hands?

5) Legs. You can write a whole series of articles about what to do with your legs. The main thing is not to stand directly on them. The weight should be carried over one leg. When shooting, you need to wear high-heeled shoes or stand on your toes more often if you are in regular shoes.

6) Draw in your stomach and keep your back straight. No comments.

7) Elbows. When bending your arms, never point your elbows towards the camera. In all seated positions, when leaning on the arm, make sure that the elbow does not bend in the opposite direction. This is a very common mistake for beginner models.

8) The shoulders should be relaxed and lowered. By raising your shoulders, you shorten your neck and create tension in the frame.

9) Eyes. The look should express some kind of emotion. The easiest way is to imitate thoughtfulness, because while the face is maximally detached. But there should be variety in the photo, remember this.

10) Be natural. Stay true to yourself during the photo shoot and it will be great for the photo.

Here I have provided recommendations that work in 90% of cases. There are exceptions to every rule. For example, about the first point, of course there are very expressive frontal photos in full face. But in most cases, it is always easier to get a good shot by turning at an angle to the camera.

PS These tips are primarily relevant if you are an amateur photographer. If in front of you with a camera (or phone) is a person who has little experience in photography, you need to think more for yourself and follow your every movement. Since in this case no one will correct you: if the pose is unsuccessful, it will remain in the photo. In the case when you are working with a professional photographer, there are many things you don't need to think about, because you will be advised what and how best to do.